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Jane Battenberg, M.A., D.C.H., a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, is an author, a Time Dimension Therapist,
and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming master trainer. She has a therapy practice, which includes phone sessions. In addition, she gives workshops internationally and lives in Orange County, California.

Martha Rigney is a natural vision improvement educator with a background in vision therapy and alternative methods for health improvement. She leads educational and experiential workshops and speaking engagements, while maintaining a natural vision improvement practice in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Why We Wrote This Book – our “Her-Stories”:

Martha’s Story: “Changing my lifestyle dramatically changed my eyesight.”

Our family moved to Lima, Peru, when I was in the fourth grade, and my re-entry into the U.S. came in the seventh grade. Shifting cultures once again and trying to find my new place among my peers was a bit confusing, especially at age thirteen. I struggled to see where and how I fit into all this change. I admired my older sister’s sophisticated, grown-up look with her new glasses, and soon found myself nearsighted and with glasses as well. Wearing them was the accepted norm.

I found myself in the working world drawn to positions with a lot of focus on the details. First it was international banking operations. Next, I joined IBM, training to be a marketing representative. There was great pressure to absorb new material as well as compete with fellow classmates. After a few years, I took a break from the stressful and competitive marketing environment to do computer programming and manage a data recovery operation for a large insurance brokerage firm and later, as their technical computer-support person, servicing three locations. Again, I felt intense time and performance pressures. Finally, something inside me rebelled and I realized: “Life’s too short!” So I gave notice and left the pressure-cooker, downtown big-city job.


Over the next few months, my contact lenses began to bother me. I would often resort to wearing my older glasses. Then, even the glasses were a problem. So it was off to the optometrist who told me, “No wonder! Your prescription is way too strong for you.” I was astounded that my prescription dropped by about one-third and all I did was remove the stress from my life and not wear my lenses all the time!

Surprised and intrigued, I began my journey into what influences vision. Luckily, my optometrist was a behavioral optometrist who did vision therapy in his office along with color light sessions called
Syntonics. I began learning the miracle of what true, healthy vision entails. My journey has been a delightful weaving of vision therapy, color light therapies, natural vision improvement exercises,
stress reduction techniques, yoga, nutrition, and mind/thought/body/emotional explorations. Currently, I work with people individually and in groups to explore their visual world. We take a look
at their habits, stresses, lifestyle, beliefs, and inflexibilities. Working together, our goal is to expand their awareness to new ways of being and seeing.

Jane’s Story: “Changing my eyesight helped me change my lifestyle.”

When I turned forty, I married and moved from San Francisco to Orange County in southern California. My cosmopolitan, easy, life style in The City changed instantly to a two- hour commute through congested freeways in addition to twelve hour workdays. Coping with corporate budgets, performance targets and union negotiations was very stressful. Added to this was learning to be a wife and step-mom. I developed uncomfortable, itchy skin rashes which spread to my whole body. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. As the years passed, I kept increasing the strength of my prescription glasses. The many drugs and treat¬ments I tried did not stop the condition from worsening.


Eventually, not finding solutions in allopathic medicine, I turned to alternatives such as Vision Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming’s Time Line Therapy©. Gradually, I began to treat the underlying causes of my discomfort and stress. I began to work with a gifted vision therapist, who showed me that I was unconsciously suppressing vision to shut out every¬thing I couldn’t deal with emotionally, As I continued to work with my eyesight, I began to see farther and clearer. Along with this came an increased ability to cope with emotional stresses and to envision a more positive future for myself. I no longer needed glasses, even passing the DMV eye test.


The most powerful healing came with the emotional therapy. Time Line Therapy© helped me to uncover and change deep emotional patterns that had brought on the distress. Gradually the physical symptoms disappeared and my energy returned.


This journey profoundly changed me. Like Persephone returning from the Underworld, I returned with new intuitive abilities and sensitivities. Shedding my old life, I began to reinvent myself to learn the nuances and subtleties of emotional empathy as I developed skills in clinical hypnotherapy (my doctorate), Time Dimension Therapy and NLP, Lomilomi Hawaiian bodywork, Reiki and Huna. Today I see clients and teach, love my work and am grateful to have seen my way back to health and vitality.

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