Understanding Eye Disorders and Diseases and Their Treatment

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The strain imposed on eyes through a lifetime are hard to quantify and grasp in a coherent sense, nevertheless it is safe to say that it is sizeable, consequential and has a profound impact on the general well-being of the eyes. For many people these issues manifest themselves as fleeting eye sight – objects are difficult to put into focus, far off landscapes become blurry and spatial placement becomes convoluted. For others, these manifests present themselves as eye disorders such as twitching eye lids, pain when moving the eye and inflamed blood vessels. These problems seem to have become more prominent in this age of computer screens, televisions and mobile phones. The eye is tense and focused on backlight devices for large chunks of the day and subject to all manner of flashing lights and icons, it’s a wonder we all haven’t developed severe cases of epilepsy.

Fortunately, there is a new force in the rehabilitation of tired and drained eyes in form of eye Yoga. Yoga will inherently conjure up images of contorted postures that provide lasting benefits to specific body parts and benefits; however few people associate its healing powers with the eye. A pardonable mistake, however if you feel that your eye sight if flailing as of late or are subject to incessant aches it may be worth your time investigating.

Based around repeated exercises such as blinking, use of the hands to palm and massage the eyes, as well as strategic looking techniques, eye Yoga can produce some surprising results if adhered to with discipline and consistency. These exercises and techniques relax and strengthen eye muscles so that visual activity isn’t characterized by strain leaving the eye plenty of time and flexibility to better itself naturally.

In essence, eye Yoga acts in the same way as traditional Yoga postures by ameliorating the general conditions in which the eye goes about its daily tasks, alleviating any tension or unwanted stress – one of the main causes of common eye disorders and diseases.

Our bodies are formidable tools for everyday life and given the right environment and treatment can heal themselves particularly well on their own. As such, many people have now turned towards eye Yoga or eye exercise as an alternative to pricey eyewear which can have the opposite effect desired by worsening the state of the eye rather than improving your eyesight. So before jumping at the word of your optician and opting for glasses, think eye Yoga – you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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