Eye Yoga

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Eye Yoga
How you see is how you think

Dr. Jean Houston, international consultant, renown visionary, and author of many books, including A Passion for the Possible and Jump Time, says:

“Eye Yoga is a visionary book about vision. It offers state-of-the-art practices to improve one’s seeing of both outer as well as inner worlds. The authors address both sight and insight in ways that add new possibilities to human experience. The techniques offered here are superb and enhance both physical and mental performance in unexpected and deeply gratifying ways. Read this book, do the exercises and see a new world.”

Simple eye excercises to improve your vision and eye-brain connection

Many of us are looking for ways to maintain and even improve our vision. Drawing from such diverse fields as brain neuroplasticity, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and natural vision improvement, Martha Rigney and Jane Battenberg make important connections between the eyes and brain that can reawaken deep brain capacities through simple eye exercises.

Inside, you will find easy-to-follow diagrams and photographs that help you perform the exercises with ease, whether alone or with a partner.

Eye Yoga is written in an easy, light style, offering a depth of experiences and references. Introducing advanced research, Martha and Jane reveal essential insights concerning the eye/brain and TV-watching, video games, the effects of colors, stroke recovery, visualization therapy, the irises’ ability to reflect our innate personality, and many other topics. Prepare to be entertained as your eyes are opened to new possibilities.

Dr. Jacob Liberman, author of Light, Medicine of the Future and Take Off Your Glasses and See, says: “Change your vision and your life will surely change. This book will tell you how.”

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