How To Improve Eyesight Naturally

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How To Improve Eyesight Naturally

Of all the senses bestowed to man, eye sight is probably the most vital given the visual nature of the world around us. Without our sight, even the simplest tasks are rendered difficult, if not impossible, down to the most basic act of coordinating clothing and dressing oneself, through cooking a hearty meal. Alas, the quality of eye sight varies greatly from person to person with genetics playing a determining role in this lottery of perception, as well as the frequency of activities such as perusing backlit screens for hours on end due to the professional context in which a person operates. For many, there comes a time when glasses or contact lenses are an inevitable reality and this can be a real inconvenience given the expensive price tag associated with professional eye care, lenses, frames and optician bills, not to mention the uphill battle associated with coming to terms with wearing eyesight aids for most daily activities.

Fortunately, there is a viable alternative in natural eye sight improvement. You really can improve your eyesight naturally through eye yoga and eye exercises.  Most eye problems are caused by strain, onset by eye dependent activities such as reading, working on small, detailed items, and long haul drives on endless boredom inducing motorways and highways. The key to improving eye sight is alleviating the strain so that the optical muscle functions in a relaxed and fluid manner rather than in a stressed, tense flutter of focus and concentration. By increasing the movement of the eyes, one improves the fluidity and speed at which they can focus and adapt to an ever moving landscape, strengthening muscles and training the eye to behave in a relaxed yet efficient way.   So if you have been wondering how to improve eyesight naturally, these eye exercises and eye yoga exercises may be for you.

There are tons of documentation detailing efficient eye exercises geared at improving eye sight from blinking exercises that keep the eye hydrated and oxygenized, through to movement exercises, by way of mental self coaching.   There is even a great eye yoga video by Paul McCartney in which he demonstrates his personal series of eye exercises.  The eye is a tool used by the brain to construct a visual representation of the world, however, this image is constructed in the mind and for this reason, eye sight is distinctly linked to one’s mental appreciation of their own vision. If you have negative thoughts gravitating around how awful your sight is, sit in front of screens for long periods of time and do little to facilitate the recovery of your eyes after effortful strain, you are headed straight for progressively deteriorating eye sight. Exercise your eyes, avoid stress and think positive is the key mantra to improve eyesight naturally.  For more information about these exercises, consider ready the Eye Yoga Book.

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