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Reviews of Eye Yoga Book

“Author and international vision improvement consultant and educator, Dr. Roberto Kaplan, writes:

There is a proliferation of books claiming that vision function can be trained. Many people, driven by the hope of preventing further deterioration of their eyes, seek out methods for natural vision improvement. Sadly, many humans seek a quick surgical fix or are too lazy to do regular exercises.

It is wonderful to read how the sister team, Martha Rigney and Jane Rigney Battenberg, have pulled the vast array of essentials together in order to give you the best chance to use the Eye Yoga concepts. Now you can take care of your eyes in your daily life and have a deep impact on the way you look through them and live in clearness.

For some readers, it may be a new idea that the eyes are controlled by the brain. Let this idea in. Let it sink very deeply. The authors have correctly made this critical connection. You may even go further to the next level of perception, where you discover that the mind directs the brain that in turn controls the eyes…

“Now you, as the reader, have the possibility to use cutting edge infor¬mation presented in Eye Yoga to master how to perceive correctly, and keep your eyes healthy. Do not worry if you forget to do the eye exercises. What is important is to remember who is the symphony conductor of your eyes. It is the deepest part of who you are, your Soul. When you do the eye exercises, remember it is really not about doing but more about your being with this deepest self as you appre¬ciate the experience of what the exercises bring you. Have fun and enjoy your Eye Yoga experience.”

Roberto Kaplan O.D., M.Ed., FCOVD

Former Professor of Optometry
Board Certified in Vision Therapy

Europe – March 28, 2009



“Eye Yoga is a visionary book about vision. It offers state-of-the-art practices to improve one’s seeing of both outer as well as inner worlds. The authors address both sight and insight in ways that add new possibilities to human experience. The techniques offered here are superb and enhance both physical and mental performance in unexpected and deeply gratifying ways. Read this book, do the exer¬cises and see a new world.”
— Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of numerous books including A Passion for the Possible, A Mythic          Life, and Jump Time

“The eyes guide your every move. Thus, your vision is reflected in every step you take. Change your vision and your life will surely change. This book will show you how.”

— Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D., author of Light: Medicine of the Future, Take off Your Glasses and         See, and Wisdom from an Empty Mind

“Eye Yoga challenges the current myths about vision and gives the reader a very clear road map on how to improve one’s eyesight and vision. The exercises are excellent tools to help a variety of vision problems. I highly recommend it!”
— Sam Berne, author of Creating Your Personal Vision

“Stated in simple language without hype, Eye Yoga is a uniquely gentle path to better vision. It is eager curiosity not forced discipline that brings success. In the process you’ll discover how your brain works your eyes to see your deeper self.”
— Ray Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D., author of “Neuropsychology of Myopia”

“This is an excellent book. Just as our vision serves to connect our inner and outer worlds, this book serves to make many impor¬tant connections for the reader -connecting the eye with the brain, connecting thinking and seeing, and connecting eye exercises with vision. Many of the eye exercises are done with a partner, which serves to create another connection. I highly recommend this book.”
— Dr. Neal Apple, Ophthalmologist

“Not only would people with vision problems benefit from reading this book, but so would all psychotherapists.”
— Dr. Lee Hartley, Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist

“You see, you have two miraculous eyes. What they’ll learn from reading Eye Yoga will reveal the world in all its luminous and beauti¬ful mystery.”
— Lance D. Ware, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Somatic Intu¬itive Training™         Practitioner/Trainer, author, co-founder of ISIS Institute

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  1. The eye yoga book is such a great resource! So many people exercise their bodies and don’t even think to exercise their eyes. Thanks for putting this great information out there!

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