Tired Of Wearing Glasses? Try Yoga For The Eyes

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That’s right, Yoga for the eyes – this may seem an absurd statement to those unacquainted with the powers of Yoga, but rest assured that the benefits are palpable, if not unavoidable if strict adherence to drills and training is respected.  The popularity of Yoga in today’s modern world is indisputable as exemplified by millions upon millions of devoted practitioners who participate in daily exercises as a means of maintaining their health as well as for Yoga’s well-being benefits.  However, a further benefit of taking part in Yoga that has had little recognition relative to the popularity of straightforward Yoga is its benefits for the eyes.

Yoga for the eyes is a well established discipline that dates back hundreds of years based on repeated eye exercises that improve vision or at least maintain it for those suffering from the progressive debilitating onset of blindness and loss of vision associated with the aging process. The exercises are composed of massaging elements, stabilization and concentration drills as well as blink and gaze tasks.

Like classic Yoga positions which work towards improving the strength and general health levels of specific organs, eye Yoga is specifically geared towards improving the condition of eyes be it in terms of vision or physical integrity. The results are truly astounding; for those suffering from inconvenient eye twitches, tension due to emotional stress and other reactionary ailments, eye Yoga provides unequivocal relief.

Considering that over a third of the human population suffer from some form of eye ailment, most commonly sight issues such as short and long sightedness as well as more deep-set diseases such as glaucoma, the potential benefits of eye Yoga are powerful to contemplate.

There is a tendency for opticians to immediately prescribe glasses or contact lenses as the only solution to eye related disorders, however in many cases following eye Yoga’s simple exercise may be a far safer option with permanent results. Eye wear is a temporary solution that in many cases causes the eye to become dependent on a certain lens specification in order to function correctly, as such deteriorating its functions far more that had the patient simply not worn glasses.

Eye Yoga on the other hand provides a permanent solution by strengthening the eyes, releasing tension and improving the optical capabilities of the inner ocular muscles which improve eye sight. Repeated use of eye Yoga exercises over a certain period can produce some astonishing results and work wonders towards rehabilitating the eye to its former visual glory.

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