Eye Yoga Workshops

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Eye Yoga Workshops

Yoga for the Eyes or How You See is How You Think

This fun-filled workshop is packed with practical information on keeping your eyesight healthy as well as little known insights into the relationship between eyesight and thinking processes. Come and see for yourself

Learn simple exercises to keep your eye muscles stretched and strengthened, like taking your eyes to the gym or doing yoga.
Myth of presbyopia – learn ways to keep from wearing glasses or from needing a stronger prescription.
Explore how you see and how that relates to how you think.
Then, learn how to talk to your brain to change your sight.
Your eyes reveal secrets about you, such as whether you are a Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic person.

“It was such an amazing experience, quite emotional really, to have my brain turn on and off the sight in one of my eyes. I was glad to experience that it really works. All the exercises were so simple yet very effective and profound, especially their connec¬tion to right and left brain processing.”
— L. F., Costa Mesa, CA

One of a pair of twins came to our workshop. She was the good girl who always did what she was supposed to. She and her sister got glasses at the same time. Her sister refused to wear the glasses, broke them and kept losing them. She, however, wore her prescription faithfully, as she was told to do. When they became older, her sister was glasses-free while she wore thick lenses. Fortunately, she ‘saw the light’ and was ready to free herself from her crutches with what she learned at the work¬shop. In her life and personality-wise, she was ready to explore life rather than just do as she was told.

After doing the TDT process, I noticed that I could see a little clearer. But my glasses wouldn’t work – they made things fuzzier. Then I realized that my prescription was too strong, so I started using an older, weaker pair.
— C. King, Orange County, CA

A client with a detached retina realized that she had detached from life, as early as in the womb. When she said, “I was detached!” we both realized that it had become a metaphor for her eye condition.

Increase Your Brain Power with Eye-Brain-Body Exercises

Reactivate your brain and make new neural pathways. Learn eye, body and imaginal exercises to improve the neuroplasticity of your brain. The authors have successfully used these powerful-yet-simple exercises on people with such issues as strokes, pain, frozen vocal cord and tinnitus. Improvements were seen within an hour to four days, in their thinking, vision and physical symptoms. Good for people of all ages to keep their brains active.


“Jane’s workshop was fascinating, fun and experientially compelling.”
—Maria Rowe, MA, MFT, Newport Beach, CA

“Jane has discovered an innovative path to health that gives the individual the power to restore health even after catastrophic losses of function. Essentially, it is a practical guide to boosting neuroplasticity and healing yourself.”
—Suzie Schuder, M.D., holistic and integrative psychiatrist, Newport Beach, CA

“It’s a bold challenge for someone to embrace unknown programs designed to do what others have not. Yet, it was a series of eye-tongue exercises that “woke-up” a recent seminar attendee’s brain to be able to once again see distances. Our brain functions from what we tell it to do. Jane’s programs provide new corridors for the brain to work for us.”
—Ron Cordek, Mission Viejo, CA

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